Stumble Guys Review: Opinion on This Mobile Game

  • Author: Abdurahman Villanueva
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What is this game and how does it work?

In this game we have to fight on different levels, in which the chaos increases significantly. 

The goal is simple: to act as winners in this battle against the rest of the players. If we fly out at any of the different levels, we'll have to start all over again. So until we finally win one of these games in the game.

Stumble Guys is a game inspired by popular games like Fall Guys. Ever since this game was released to the market, we've seen a lot of copies for Android come out, and this game is one of the best copies or alternatives to it.
One of the key points in this regard is that they managed to offer an experience very similar to that of Fall Guys, which is what makes the game so interesting.

Games like Stumble Guys are based on or inspired by games like Fall Guys, which can be heavily criticized, but that's not really a bad thing. 

This game aims to offer us a similar experience on Android and iOS, without having us pay money for it, which, for example, makes this game more accessible to many users of the operating system. 

Like any other game available for Android, it has a number of pros and cons to keep in mind.


  • He is inspired by Fall Guys, but at the same time managed to create his own personality, offering a similar but at the same time unique experience.
  • The controls are very simple.
  • Fun to play with friends or alone.
  • In the store there are many options for customizing our character.
  • A few graphics that help us make sense of this story.
  • Possibility to create rooms with friends to fight with them.
  • Fun physics (very funny falls).

Character customization

As we've seen in other games in this market segment, such as Fall Guys, customizing our character is very important in Stumble Guys. As you can see, having opened the game, we have a shop where we can buy different skins, 

with the help of which the appearance of the character changes, as well as some abilities that can help us. The ability to change the appearance of a character is something that has improved significantly in the game.

In this sense, there are many options with different costumes, and you can also change the color of your skin, face and expressions to how it will move. 

This is something interesting because in this game the physics are the funniest and most unexpected, an element that undoubtedly adds a new dimension to the game and something to always remember. The falls will be unexpected, and you also need to remember about them when controlling your character and facing rivals in their levels.

Colorful graphics and fascinating physics of the game are two very important aspects. Stumble Guys is full of fun falls and sometimes surreal or absurd, which always helps to make it particularly interesting.

Plus, it has really simple controls that help any Android player enjoy it on their phone. The one that gives us a lot of opportunities to customize the character is another aspect that is appreciated positively.

It is clear that we have a game that has yet to develop.  

There aren't many maps available yet, and some games are still missing a larger number of players that use bots to fill rooms. 

But it's a game that has potential and that can undoubtedly grow if new maps and levels are added and the player community is allowed to grow. Thus, the number of bots in it can be reduced, and games will become more interesting for users.